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The Bodyweight 10×10

So you only have 10 minutes?? Perfect. Give this high intensity work out a try >>>> 2 rounds should take you just about 10 -12 minutes.

  1. 10 burpees (make sure NOT to look down, when you come up for the jump!)

  2. 10 V-ups (shoulder blades must come up too! >>or else it’s just a leg raise)

  3. 10 Close grip push-ups (targets triceps)

  4. 10 Alternating single leg glute bridge (squeeze the glutes when the hips come up)

  5. 10 Inch worm push-up (do not let the hips sag, in the high plank position)

  6. 10 Squat Jumps (explosive!)

  7. 10 Dips (you can do these on a bench or curb to make harder)

  8. 10 Mountain Climbers (one rep is counted after BOTH feet have alternated sides)

  9. 10 Side Plank Dip (right side)

  10. 10 Side Plank Dip (left side)

I got through 2 rounds with no breaks, in 10 minutes. I promise you’ll leave sweating.

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