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The skinny on B12 injections

Increase your metabolism! Want more energy? Lose weight quicker! These are all headlines you will find when researching vitamin injections. Even in my nutrition class, my professor encouraged B Vitamin injections. I decided to do my own experiment.


I went in to get my first shot, the nurse told me that this was better than a vitamin pill because it would restore me on a metabolic level. In my research I did find that B12 injections can bypass some of the potential absorption barriers. She also told me I would feel a difference in my body within three hours. I felt that was a pretty bold assertion, but I was excited to see what would happen. Would I suddenly kill it at the gym? Would I be laser focused at work? I didn’t feel a difference that day.. . I had bought a package of six, and did one on Monday and one on Friday of every week. I was also going to the gym at least four times a week and eating better. So, all in all I did feel great. I cannot attribute it to anything, but having a placebo effect. It did motivate me to be healthier in my all around day-to-day life. It did make me feel like I was being a healthier person. For some reason that inspired me to make better choices throughout my week. And just for that reason, I can’t say I wouldnt do it again.

References; Ray Benaroch, M.D, Loyola University Health System, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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