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Excuses, Excuses

We all have them in

our back pockets and we all use them. Especially when it comes to making time for the gym. The U.S. recommended daily activity is 30 minutes. I personally don’t think 30 minutes is quite enough. But everyone should be able to pull aside a half hour of your day to do something physically active. If you can make time for anything, it should be your health. Right?? This doesn’t mean you need a gym membership either! I made up a quick list of things that help me make it impossible to make an excuse to not work out.

  1. I always keep a pair of gym shoes in my car, as well as a gym bag full of clothes and towels. Nothing crazy, just a couple sports bras, yoga pants and a tank.

  2. I have spotify premium. Its not too expensive, and it keeps my playlist updated with new songs whenever I want. Music keeps me going when I’m really not feeling it.

  3. I also have multiple earphones. In my car and at home. You can find them for pretty cheap on amazon.

  4. Hair ties! Ladies, I have them everywhere I go.

  5. I bought a resistance band and jump rope. The resistance band is amazing. You can attach it to your door and do any body part you can think of. Mine also came wi

th a little guide book. So simple! And jump rope is killer for cardio.

  1. I also have multiple fitness oriented apps on my phone, so whenever I need to reference anything I just pull up Myfittnessbuddy and viola! endless work out options.

  2. And lastly my Fitbit. I love it. It challenges me and allows me to be conscious of how lazy I’m being. They have them in all sorts of price ranges too.

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