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Train, Train or Remain the Same

My name is Timmie, yes Timmie. No, you are right- I am not a boy, no there isn’t a cool story behind it,  how is it spelled?  With an I-E instead of a Y. What are my parents like? Well, I don’t think thats going to explain my name, considering m

y four other siblings have perfectly average names. Glad we covered all of that! Any who , I grew up in  southern  California with my  parents and four siblings. My parents idea of family vacations were going hiking, fishing, camping  and any other outdoor activities.  All things I still really love. They also made sure we all were put into some after school activities, and my choice was sports . I have always been a very athletic person and attribute a lot of that to the way I was raised. It wasn’t until my mid twenties that   I really started getting serious at the gym. I stopped just doing cardio, and really focused on my eating habits. After doing just a few months of weight training I saw a change in my body I never thought possible. I had tried out  every type  of niche  gym you could think of. And I really love those gyms. But what really transformed me, was hiring a trainer and lifting  weights. I knew I wanted to be in the fitness industry in some way for quite awhile, but seeing how much I could change my body , by focusing on a few key steps, made me want to be able to teach that to others. After training for a few months I decided to take it to the next step and  really see how far I could push myself. So I entered into a body building competition. In all honesty, the last week before my competition was not healthy. But as cliche as it is to say, it was about the journey and not the destination. Everything I did leading up to those last weeks was amazing and made me feel amazing. I want everyone to feel that way too. As I’m finishing up in the Fitness Specialist Program, I am getting more and more excited to be apart of this industry and helping other people in their journey.

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