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Losing Motivation & How to Get it Back

It is that point in the month of January where everyone is starting to lose steam.

That moment when old habits start to creep back into your day and the momentum has started to fade.


Do you remember the incredible motivation you felt in the beginning of the year? When you were stoked on the big changes you were going to make in 2023?? It’s wild how our brain will so easily seek the comfort of our old familiar ways. It’s easier to slip back into the habits you’ve built over so many years. But that’s NOT you this year, right? Right. 

Here are five very efficient ways to knock you right back into that invigorating feeling you felt January 1st. (Well, January 2nd if we’re being honest, had to shake that NYE hangover first)

1.Surround yourself with high achievers- find people at work who are crushing life and put them in your sphere. Don’t be shy, new friends, new opportunities, new habits. You gotta shake things up.

2.appoint an accountability buddy- this one is an absolute must. Find a friend who’s down to take a workout class with you. Someone who you can depend on to show up with you.

3.reiterate your goals to friends and family- by now your friends are over it, they’re asking you out to drinks again. Your spouse is saying “let’s just order pizza tonight”. It’s time to reiterate your goals and to tell them how important they are to you. They’ll understand when they see your progress

4.educate yourself on the subject a little bit everyday- there is so much to learn in the health and wellness space. The more you understand how these changes affect your longevity the more you’ll be interested in doing it. You’ll also be able to share that knowledge with the people around you. Especially your kids.

5.write down your little wins every morning- no better way to get a fat dopamine hit than to see your accomplishments on paper. Reinforce your achievements every morning, this will shift your mindset first thing in the AM.

Time to level up. These things are simple, but it doesn’t mean they’re easy. You have to acknowledge that you’re doing something hard and it takes dedication. But you’re dedicated, so do it

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