Anti-inflammatory Diet

What is chronic inflammation, and why should we care? Acute inflammation is something I think we are all familiar with, you get a cut and then there is redness or swelling or sometimes even heat around the wound. Chronic inflammation is far more complicated, and I will explain it as simply as I can. Essentially, inflammation is the body fighting off toxins in the body….so why is that bad? Well, when bacteria, viruses or toxins enter our body our blood releases cells called ma

Cauliflower Stir-Fry

Praise the Lord for cauliflower rice. The once forgotten vegetable is making an incredible comeback, and I am really grateful for it. One of the easiest things I make is a cauliflower stir fry, it is cheap and easy to make. I can throw virtually anything in there and it tastes delicious. This most recent dish I made was with, mushrooms, tomato, spinach,  and fresh chopped garlic. If you want you can add tofu or any protein you prefer as well. 6 oz of sliced mushrooms 1 handfu

Lo-carb Vegetarian Tacos

These tacos are WAY too easy to make. It literally took 7 minutes from start to finish. The “beef-less” ground beef is already seasoned, so I didn’t have to add a thing. Best part: They are under 120 calories each. Drizzle olive oil into frying pan Medium heat Add Trader Joes Beef-less ground beef, half can of black beans and half can of green chiles to the pan. Stir frequently for 5 minutes Wash Lettuce head, and pull off as many cups as you’d like to eat. Layer your lettuce