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Navigating Your Diet Through The Holidays

If you have been on or have just started a weight loss program, the holidays can feel overwhelming. In reality, even if you are not on a weight loss program the holidays feel overwhelming. I compiled some very simple, yet effective tools to help with digestion and consistency as we near the upcoming festivities.

  1. Post Dinner Walk. Taking a walk ten minutes after dinner has proven to reduce blood sugar levels and aid in faster digestion. Our muscles use glucose as energy, as we walk the body pulls this glucose from our blood, therefore reducing how much is circulating in our bloodstream. Glucose that your body doesn’t use accumulates as fat.

  2. Prioritizing Fiber. Eating high fiber foods feed the healthy bacteria in your gut and promotes faster, easier digestion. Incorporating highly viscous fibers can reduce the feeling of hunger and reduce overall body fat. Incorporate: flaxseed meal, legumes, asparagus, brussels sprouts, beans or oats into your daily meals. *This is very important.

  3. Hydration. I know you’ve heard this two million trillion times. Around the holidays this is ultra important. We consume more alcohol and get less sleep during these last 4-5 weeks. Water facilitates every function in our body, especially our metabolic functions. If you want to reduce your body fat, drink more water.

  4. Digestive Enzymes. Our body uses enzymes to break down fat, protein and carbohydrates. During the holidays we are over-consuming and under-moving. So lets give our body a little push in the right direction. Many foods contain digestive enzymes. For example; pineapple, sauerkraut, miso, avocado, raw honey, banana, kimchi to name a few. You can also use a digestive enzyme supplement if you’d like to add that into your routine. I personally like Bio Gest by Thorne Supplements. (I do not get paid for this)

  5. Soda Water with Lime. The old fake drink trick. Peer pressure is a bitch, it is much easier to have a faux cocktail in hand at all times than to repeat over and over why you aren’t having another drink tonight. This is highly effective AND you’ll feel amazing the next day.

  6. Sleep. Go to sleep early as many nights of the week as you can. Lack of sleep is correlated with higher body fat, higher cortisol levels and lower growth hormone and higher ghrelin hormone (hunger hormone).

Implementing these six tools can and will be life changing. Staying consistent with your meals day after day will reduce overall inflammation and body fat so that when the holidays do come around that small weight gain will not affect your progress. Adding in some heavier weight training days will also use that extra fuel appropriately. Hmm… so maybe I just added two more tools 😉

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