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10 Ways I Reduced My Body Fat

For a very very long time, I felt “fluffy” and uncomfortable in my own body. I was running a lot, but that was about it. I thought I was generally a healthy eater, but I also did not pay too much attention to it. There was a day when I said I am over feeling like this and started making changes THAT WORKED. I’ll save you the monologue and get to the point. Here are the 10 things I did that made me reduce my body fat:

  1. Joined a competition. Now, I know what you’re thinking… EF THAT! But it gave me a goal to work towards. It doesn’t have to be crazy, you could sign up for a 5k and that would work wonders. Giving myself a timeframe and a competitive aspect was something that really worked for me. I also liked that there was a community aspect.

  2. I simplified my meals. What does this even mean? Well, at the time I was eating out a lot and eating things that were super cheesy and saucy and who knows what was in these meals. I cooked at home. Simple meals that I could easily make with very few ingredients.

  3. I increased my protein. This was life changing as well. I focused on eating about .8 gram of protein per pound of weight on my body. For example I was 148 pounds at the time, so I was trying to eat around 120grams of protein per day. THIS WAS MAJOR.

  4. Hired a personal trainer. At the time, I was very unclear about how to weight train properly or how to create a program around my goals. This was genuinely life changing for me. I started working with my trainer 3 times per week. I made adjustments to my entertainment budget and put my money towards the trainer. Game changer.

  5. I started walking after Dinner. Literally the shortest walks, but to get my steps in. Later in life and my career I learned how beneficial this little tool was. It goes so far beyond just getting your steps in. This reduces your blood sugar levels after your meal and before you go to bed. I could go on for hours about the benefits of walking after dinner, but I will save it for another post. 🙂

  6. Fiber became an obsession. Most people need about 30 grams of fiber a day. That was way harder to meet than I thought. In the beginning I would use a fiber supplement in my smoothies, it was an easy way for me to make sure I got it in. I eased into it so that my body wouldn’t bloat. Then as I started to learn more about high fiber foods and I shifted into eating those instead of using the supplement. Being regular is muy importante my friends.

  7. I only ate in an 8 hour block. Before I started my personal fitness journey, I would eat whenever the hell I wanted. Late night, early morning- all dang day. My digestive system had no time to reset and recover. I was eating so many more calories than my body needed. So, I picked the best time of day to start eating for me and then I stopped eating after that 8 hour window had past. BOOM, body fat started to fall off.

  8. I reduced my alcohol intake. UGH. I Know, I know. This one sucks. But, I was on a mission and I wasn’t going to let my social life get in the way anymore. This one was really tough for me. I loved to be out and about with friends. I started by having my first drink (vodka soda) and then I would order just a soda water to trick my friends. Honestly, just having a drink in my hand was good enough. It worked really well too, I started losing weight the second I reduced my drinking.

  9. Mulitvitamin for the win. I would take some icky CVS multivitamin super randomly before I started really understanding what was in these things. So I did my research and found a good quality multi and started taking this consistently. Many of us are deficient in vitamin D and it’s a major player in all metabolic systems in our body. I also started taking a good omega-3.

  10. Changed my bedtime. Let me just tell you, I was the ultimate night owl. But the late nights equalled late mornings. And overall when you’re up late at night your not really moving around (unless you’re out dancing at the club) you’re also not getting the best use of your bodies natural hormones. When I started waking up earlier I started eating at better times for my body, this shifted my metabolic systems. Body weight started lowering and my sleep got way better. Sleep is a game changer for weight loss. When we are tired our bodies produce more hunger hormones and therefore we crave more food when we may not need it.

Well, there you have it! These 10 things legitimately changed my life. I hope even one or two of these things can help you reach your goals! 🙂

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