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When to eat to lose weight.

It’s a common question, with no definitive answer. Chrono-nutrition. Circadian Clock. Two terms I came across while researching this frequently asked question. When I competed in body building competitions, everyone was on the eat-every-two-hours diet. Small portions, a lot of proteins and vegetables and calories counted to fit your needs. It definitely worked, I ate a lot throughout the day, but I also kept within my numbers. We all have a number, and you can figure it out on sites like 3500 calories=1 pound. So to lose one pound in a week you need a deficit of 3500 calories. But there are studies on when to eat, and will timing your meals out change the way you burn calories and keep blood sugars low? Chrono-nutrition, is how the body is affected when you eat food throughout a 24 hour period. The Circadian clock, is what makes organisms able to regulate their biology and behaviors (eating included) according to environmental changes in the day and night cycle. One study really got my attention. They took mice and fed them the exact same amount of food.  Group one was able to eat it whenever they wanted, and the group two was given food in the morning and the early evening. The second group had a 12 hour period without food. The second group, was determined healthier and had a lower BMI. They did this study again and again. Finally a doctor decided to perform the study on humans. The results?? The same! Th


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