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Redefining your Core

Let’s just start with the basics. The foundation of your body is what we call the “core”.  People often assume this is just your abs. No siree. Your back muscles, abs and even your

 glutes make up this connective chain to your upper and lower extremities. Having chiseled abs, does not mean that you have a strong core. They sure do look good, but what’s the point of having epic abs if your prone to injury and can’t show them off? Strengthening all these key muscles prevents injury, protects the spine and improves posture. We all know good posture mimics confidence, and confidence creates opportunity. Dang, a weak core can really be a bummer.  Having a weak core impairs the ability to maximize strength in your upper and lower body as well. Looking aesthetically pleasing is great, but to get there you must build a strong foundation. Create stability and strength throughout your

trunk, by doing plank variations to start. A healthy diet will give you the abs you’ve always wanted, but isometric and  dynamic core strengthening exercise will give you the ability to TRANSFORM your body. You can’t safely sculpt those arms without maintaining a stable midsection. So get to it my friends, plank all day. Or maybe just try four sets of 30 second holds to start.

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