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21 Day Detox : Week 3

And so the last week begins.

The last week is certainly the most difficult. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You may snack on raw fruits and veggies in between your smoothies.

In the morning you will have the breakfast smoothie. Then for lunch and dinner, you will have the carrot-apple smoothie from week 2.

I ended up losing 11 pounds while doing this detox. It was not my intention going into the detox, although it was a nice surprise. I ate as many veggie/fruit snacks as I wanted throughout the 21 days, and still lost weight. The breakfast smoothie is really yummy, I will be incorporating that into my daily routine. I also found that I actually really enjoy snacking on certain vegetables (as opposed to string cheese and yogurt), and I think this will become more of a habit. Having many fresh fruits and vegetables in my house also made it so much easier to make good choices. I have tried many detoxes, and I will continue to try them. I like to be able to share my experience, and to see how my body reacts. This one was by far my favorite. If you try the 21 Day detox, please let me know your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you.

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