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21 Day Detox : Week 2

Alright folks, here is week 2. I was a little nervous about this dinner smoothie, but I really like it! If you like carrot juice you will like it too, its actually really tasty. The second week brings us into an all uncooked plant-based diet.  You have your breakfast smoothie in the morning and then a salad for lunch and tons of veggies, nuts and fruits for snack throughout the day. Then you have the dinner smoothie last. This portion the detox is preparing your body for week 3, which will be all blended uncooked and plant based. This decreases stress on your digestive system, we eat a ton of processed foods all day long, even when you think you’re eating something healthy, the unnatural processing of some of those foods are hard on our digestive tract.

Dinner Smoothie Recipe:

  1. 1 large organic carrot

  2. 1 organic red apple

  3. 1/2 cup organic whole almonds

  4. Small handful sunflower sprouts

  5. 1/4 peeled lemon

  6. Pinch of Dulse Seaweed

  7. Dash cinnamon

  8. Dash sea-salt

  9. 1-1/2 Cup water (depending on how your prefer the consistency)

I did all my shopping for this detox at Sprouts, I’m sure Whole Foods would have these items as well.

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