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Resistance Bands will make her Dance

All you need is one resistance band, a timer (your phone), and some water. (Some good tunes wouldn’t hurt)  I use the Flex Timer app on my phone to set up the entire 30 minute session. You can design the interval time, rest time and even the number of rounds and rest time in between rounds. It’s awesome. This sequence is a great lower body work-out, that will blast calories as well. The key is to maintain intensity and push through that annoying lactic acid build up. Pain is beauty people.

First things first, place band in the middle and under your feet. (see picture above)

  1. 40 seconds MARCH – bring those knees up nice and high

  2. 10 seconds to transition and rest

  3. 40 seconds alternating lateral kicks- slight bend in knee

  4. 10 seconds

  5. 40 seconds low lateral walks-2 steps back and forth

  6. 10 seconds

  7. 40 seconds alternating glute kick backs-get those legs back as far as you can

  8. 10 seconds

  9. 40 seconds squat jump jacks-  start with a  low and wide stance then jump up into a narrow stance

  10. 1 minute 20 seconds rest

  11. repeat 5 times

I promise you’ll be sweating’ and feeling it tomorrow.

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